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Université Rennes 2

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Université Rennes 2

Rennes 2 University is the leading SSH university in western France. It is home to 2 doctoral schools, 19 research units, 5 of which are associated with the French National Research Council (CNRS).Its research publications are widely disseminated through the Presses universitaires de Rennes (PUR), one of France’s leading university publishers. As member of UMR 6554 LETG-CNRS, Costel Laboratory’s researches fit into geography and environment. They emphasize the spatial approach of interactions between nature and society, focusing on the study of natural and anthropogenic dynamic processes contributing to dene middles and landscapes, global change and climate risks. The data acquired by remote sensing at all spatial scales are a source of information in the research programs of the laboratory. COSTEL Laboratory has successful participations in numerous international programs in climatology sciences. The TERVICLIM (ANR) AND TERADCLIM (French Environment Ministry’s GICC program) projects has enabled COSTEL team to develop its researches on small climate scales. TERVICLIM project focuses on observation and modeling of climate at fine scales in wine-producing areas and gradually established COSTEL Team as a leader in understanding the significance of small scale climate variability for wine producing areas, as well as the application of state-of-the-art analytical and modeling tools to understand the ‘terroir’ of particular regions, and the evaluation of possible future climate change on their longer term sustainability. "TERADCLIM†project addresses the issue of adaptation of viticulture to climate change. In addition to the agroclimatic measurements and the climate change modeling, it is devoted to the integration of the cultural practices into the modeling via a multi-agent modeling system in order to provide insightful guidance to decision-makers in the viticultural sector at fine scales.