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ECOCLIMASOL is private company (SME) with presence in Paris (France) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). Its president and founder (Dr. Jean-Philippe Boulanger) was Director of Investigation at IRD. IRD has been supporting the creation of ECOCLIMASOL, as a spin-off from research actions, such as realized during the CLARIS LPB FP7 European Project (“A Europe-South America Network for Climate Change Assessment and Impact Studies in La Plata Basin†;, which gathered 20 institutes from Europe and South America and more than 190 scientists, engineers and students. ECOCLIMASOL aims at bridging research and society developing climate risk management solutions for private and public bodies, mainly in developing and emergent countries. The company is built on three major axes : (i) To improve the state-of-the-art in climate management solutions through a participation in research projects with applied objectives ; (ii) To promote climate business intelligence as a solution for businesses to make use of valuable climate information in their decision process ; (iii) To accompany public bodies in implementing Climate-Energy-Territory Planning and to promote carbon footprint calculation and greenhouse gas emission reduction.